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A tailor-made solution for your business!

Banqup is a tailor-made solution for every company (big or small). Regardless of the number of invoices sent.

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What else do accountants ask about Banqup?

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What is Banqup?

Banqup is the simplest and smartest digital administration tool. Banqup simplifies administration and finance processes, giving businesses the ability to manage all administration, invoicing and payments on just one digital platform. With Banqup, businesses spend less time on administration and invoicing.

How can I give my accountant access to my Banqup account?

With Banqup, it's easy to share documents with your accountant. You can choose to give your accountant access to all your documents and financial information, or you can choose to send a single invoice or document.

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Learn about Banqup's features, customer platform and how your business and customers can benefit from Banqup.

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