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Accountants choose Banqup

Create one digital link with your customers and take advantage of Banqup

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Get to know Banqup

Banqup is a simple and smart digital business tool to manage your clients' payments, invoicing and billing in one digital place.

Designed for accountants and their SME clients to automate and simplify manual financial processes.

Banqup provides one digital link that enables instant collaboration with your clients. Provide your clients with additional financial advice, and let Banqup take care of administration and financial tasks.

Why accountants choose Banqup

Banqup is an automated solution for you and your customers that brings several benefits to your business.

Cost and time savings

Save time and reduce costs with Banqup. How?

It's easy. Banqup means no more collating documents, no more time-consuming data entry and no more rushing through tax returns and annual reports.

Just one entry to see your clients' financial documents and data entered directly into your integrated accounting software.

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Better workload distribution

With Banqup, you get more control over your processes, customer financial data in real time. Banqup gives your business better workload distribution.

Instant access to customer documents, data and payments means you can view, analyse and process them when you want.

More time for financial advice

Do what you do best and spend your valuable time giving clients the advice they need.

After all, fewer administrative tasks means more time for collaboration. Prove to your clients that your billable hours are better spent as their strategic financial advisor. Become your client's trusted financial partner and show them how you can help their business grow.

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Take your customer relationships to the next level

Explore customer industry trends and get accurate financial insights into your business with Banqup's data dashboards and insight tools.

Use insights to help your customers make smarter financial decisions. And as their financial advisor, take your relationship with your clients to the next level.

Increase the value of your business

Take advantage of a modern and digitised service that was previously only available to large accounting firms.

This platform will help you extend your geographical reach and show your clients that you can collaborate from anywhere.

Start improving your processes and increase the value of your business with Banqup.

Banqup demo

See how simple Banqup can be for you and your customers by watching a demonstration of the solution in action.

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