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Become a partner

Banqup is a digital platform for business administration and invoicing management. Banqup aims to offer a comprehensive solution for SMEs and the self-employed. Banqup therefore provides the ecosystem with the necessary technology to integrate new features or links with external partners to offer our customers a high quality service.

For example, Banqup has features that offer additional services that SMEs can activate if they find them useful for their business.

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Why choose Banqup

Why work with Banqup?

Banqup is a product of Unifiedpost Group, an international FinTech leader in Europe, focusing on the independence of accounting firms and banks. Unifiedpost Group is the market leader in document processing and payments, this unique combination ensures maximum administrative simplification and automation of financial processes.

ERP & CRM connectivity

Banqup offers various options. Our solution has already been successfully implemented in several countries in cooperation with different parties. For example, with Banqup we have links to ERP and CRM systems in several European countries.

Industry-specific solutions

We have already deployed our platform at the request of industry associations, such as the construction industry, and provided a solution for digitising the agricultural sector in European countries. We have helped governments and associations to successfully implement a digital platform for their customers and members.

A success story between Banqup and the accounting industry

In addition, we have already started successful cooperation with some of the major accounting associations in different countries. Our aim is to digitally connect accountants with their clients, not only to make their work more efficient, but also to optimise the collaboration between client and accountant throughout the year.

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Partnerships team

Become a partner

If you are part of an industry, government, federation or ecosystem where digitalisation can optimise your financial processes and insights, you can be a valuable partner in the Unifiedpost ecosystem.

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